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I had an idea to buy a real estate in Istanbul for sometime and had a challenge to find the right advice from a trusted source because of the many options available. This was the case until a friend connected me to “Your Home Istanbul”. They are amazing, friendly and professional people. They run with you and show you all options with great advice for luxury or investment. Once you select a unit, they help you from A to Z starting with negotiation all the way to finalizing the paper work till you get ownership in a very short time. The services provided by “Your Home Istanbul” post purchasing are unbelievable. Things such as furnishing, renting, paying bills and managing your units and a lot more. All this done in a very friendly family oriented way. I bought 2 apartments in last 3 years and referenced friends who bought through “Your Home Istanbul” and I will buy more through “Your Home Istanbul” in the future. My relation with the brothers and sisters working in “Your Home Istanbul” is like family. I enjoy every minute with them and my message to them: You guys are great brothers and we love you
May Allah bless you and bless “Your Home Istanbul” .

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